Strengthening the Foundations of an Existing Home

The foundation of a home isn’t something many property owners think about until there’s a problem. However, there are solid reasons to consider investing in reinforcing the foundation long before that happens. Floods, wind forces, and general soil erosion can all be key concerns for property owners over time. Luckily, there are solutions available for most situations to prevent catastrophic failures, home remodeling marietta ga The foundation of a home is what everything else rests on. It’s supposed to be the durable base that can withstand anything. Yet, changes in the soil under it (for example, caused by floods)  or the weight above it (e.g. by adding a story addition) can create shifts in the foundation. Sometimes, the foundation itself cannot handle those shifts and breaks occur.

In Houston, we have to deal with clay-rich gumbo soil which is sensitive to changes in water content. When the soil gets wet it expands upwards, applying pressure on the concrete slab above. When the soil dries out the soil shrinks, leaving the concrete base unsupported.

When shifts and breaks happen, it can compromise the integrity of the entire home. That’s never a good thing, and it’s a costly repair.

The good news for property owners is that most existing structures can be reinforced. There are various methods to doing so. However, it’s best for a structural engineer or residential contractor to provide specific recommendations for your home. The bottom line is – if your foundation has problems, it can often be fixed.


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