How is the smell of the manhole?

Cities in Vietnam are often flooded when it rains. Therefore, the lid of the gas stop to prevent the phenomenon of congestion and ensure a clean environment for everyone.
How is the smell of the manhole?

The manhole cover includes parts such as: water surface pits, anti-odor systems, cast iron grids, made from the highest quality cast iron.
Working principle of odor stopper Bán nắp hố ga chất lượng cao:

During the rainy season there will be water on the road, which will be collected in water holes on the road surface. This water will flow into two PVC pipes and then flow into the next water hole. At that pit, water will flow through the small section below the pit. As the water level in the pit increases, the water will flow into the collecting pit existing on the road. As a result, thanks to the smell of mud compartment, the phenomenon of flooding was also processed more quickly.

Advantages of odor manhole cover:

– Effective odor prevention: Ensure a healthy environment and bring good health to the people;
– Easy to install and operate: This lid is simply designed with durable materials, so it saves costs as well as time of construction.
– Good drainage: This reduces the flooding on rainy days, man to the best life for the people;
– Works well under all conditions;
– Creating the beauty of the city: improving the best urban environment as well as reducing the phenomenon of environmental pollution.
With the smell of manholes to help urban projects bring a lot of meaning to the community, solving the urgent problems of people, these types of products are very popular.

Where’s the smell?

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