Instructions on how to install the composite manhole cover

Composite manhole covers are, in general, an object to cover manholes. Products to ensure safety for passersby as well as vehicles moving on the road. Using manhole covers to prevent waste and carcasses from falling into sewers. To bring high efficiency during use, you need to install manhole cover properly.

What is a composite manhole cover?

Composite manhole covers are ordinary manhole covers made from composite materials. The product is used to cover the manholes to keep people and vehicles safe nắp hố ga composite gia hưng. Composite is a new material that is very durable and easy to move. Products with high load capacity and aesthetics suitable for current works.


This material is a synthetic resin different from conventional plastic. This material is a mixture of plastic and filler. Therefore, the characteristics of the composite are very strong and flexible, the product withstands high selections. People use composite a lot in industry and construction.

Raw materials for manufacturing manhole covers are composite

Composite material made of manhole cover brings many outstanding advantages. Composite manhole covers are manufactured from the following materials:

– Substrate consists of spatially linked polymers such as epoxy, polymal, …

– Mixed with glass fiber, boron, aramit, glass powder, stone powder, …

– Additives including technology additives, anti-aging additives, hardening additives, …

All of the above ingredients help create a premium manhole cover. Composite manhole cover gives people many attractive features. The product is resistant to odors, withstand large loads, helping to drain efficiently.

How to install manhole cover with composite effectively

To install manhole covers effectively, achieve high results, long service life during use, it is necessary to follow the right techniques. The procedure for installing the manhole covers properly is simple and effective. You perform the installation of the composite manhole cover as follows:

Step 1: Determine the type of manhole with dimensions and shapes corresponding to the type of manhole cover. This is an important step for you to install the manhole cover to fit the concrete tank.

Step 2: When determining the size of manhole covers and corresponding manholes, choose the product type. Currently there are composite manhole cover with round lid, square cover, round frame concealed lid, …

Step 3: Install the manhole cover to the position of the concrete tank accordingly. You just need to put down the manhole cover and lock the pins and you’re done.

During the installation process, you should check whether the edges of the manhole covers fit the concrete tank correctly. When everything is checked, it should be ready for installation. The installation process is fast and simple but highly effective.

The advantages of composite manhole covers

Composite manhole cover is a new material that possesses many outstanding advantages. The product has the following characteristics:


– Composite manhole cover withstands different environmental conditions. The product goes through a technically responsive production process. Therefore, this type of manhole cover high temperature low, high corrosion resistance. Effective anti-aging products.


– Manhole cover is easy to transport and install, does not take much time and effort. Products are lightweight so very convenient for humans.


– Composite manhole cover limits theft loss due to its effective anti-theft ability.


– The product has high aesthetic, anti-corrosion and not broken and damaged.


Through the article you know the composite manhole cover has many advantages. Also know how to install appropriately, increasing the efficiency of the product.


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