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I own less than $100 worth of cryptocurrency (at least at current rates), but I still check the prices of Bitcoin and all its coin buddies regularly. The stress of investing heavily in something so volatile just isn’t for me, but I enjoy the sport of it. Underneath Google’s Bitcoin price ticker, however, is a collection of crypto-specific news stories, many of which are often horribly out of date even though they were written mere hours ago. In a crypto game where minutes can mean the difference between a bull and bear market, the time it takes to write a blog post can put you behind the ball.

Just this week, Bitcoin hit a high of $14,445 and a low of $9,477. It’s quite a swing MEME by Ach. Othe cryptocurrency has had similar swings, with the popular Etherum coin hitting $1,410 on Saturday and dropping down to $792 on Tuesday, before rebounding. It moves fast.

So, for the sake of timeliness, I’ve created this template for would-be crypto bloggers looking to speed up their process. All the boring stuff is there, so you just need to fill in the exciting (or gruesome, depending on the hour) details about that moment in the crypto world. Get blogging!


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