When to change the oil filter?

When to change the oil filter?

When we change the oil or the filter becomes clogged, the ideal is to replace it with a new one.

The friction of the car engine parts and gears of our engine must be well lubricated in order to reduce its wear and for this it is necessary that the oil is free of foreign particles that can wear the parts . The lubricating properties are not lost in this process , however both the oil and combustion residues are contaminated by these impurities, damaging the anticorrosive capacity and varying its viscosity level.

This is where the engine oil filter comes into play, retaining those particles and preventing them from returning to the oil pump reservoir to go through the lubrication circuit again.

Under the right conditions, the oil filter retains 95% of particles , although its thickness is up to six times less than that of a human hair. Specifically, the filters avoid residues of thicknesses between 10 and 40 microns while a human hair has an approximate thickness of 60.

Therefore, the main task of the oil filter is to isolate the dirt from the engine, giving it safety and protection. Below, you can see the tutorial on changing the oil filter in a car and read more related information:

How to change the oil filter of a car?

What happens when the oil filter is dirty or clogged?

When the filter completes its useful life or is clogged, it could end up blocking due to the excess of accumulated dirt, in addition the dirty oil would end up pouring into the engine causing serious overheating, obstruction or corrosion of the different parts of the propeller.

Can the oil filter be cleaned?

Due to the materials with which the oil filters are made, it is not advisable to clean and reuse it unless a specific one has been purchased for this purpose. If you decide to do it, the ideal is to wash it with benzine, let it dry and apply a layer of oil. In this process you will have to be very careful not to tear or tear the filter since if it happened it would have to be replaced.

How often should the oil filter be changed?

Ideally, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, but for guidance we could say that its useful life is around 10,000 kilometers. In addition, we would like to remind you that the most advisable thing is to replace it every time the oil is changed to the vehicle, in this way we prevent the accumulated waste in the new oil from leaking.

How much does it cost to change the oil filter?

The price of changing an oil filter will depend on the type of filter required by the vehicle and what your preferences are, and the type of motor circuit to which it is anchored will also be a determining factor. Normally, the cost of a new oil filter usually ranges between 5 and 15 euros. If you want to buy car parts, check out pk Trims.


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