An Introduction to Online Bingo Player Etiquette

From a young age, most of us are taught simple etiquette by our elders. From the time we are small; we watch the behavior of those around us and model what we see. Hopefully, the people who raise us teach us the golden rule in life that we need to “do unto others as you want done to you”. We know that it’s not polite to stare openly at people in public, that we shouldn’t talk about others for fear of hurting their feelings, and that we should always use good bingo bash chips taste when in public. In essence, these are also good rules of etiquette to follow when playing any online game, especially online bingo These rules are not set in stone and are somewhat “unspoken”, but they are very important if you expect to fit into the scene of online bingo.

First, one should remember never to talk about others or gossip when in an online bingo chat room. Once you begin playing online bingo you might find that for some reason you prefer one website over another. Most people find they are like this and find they often go to the same sites; therefore you may begin to become friends with some of the other players through chatting during your games. As in life, there will be some people you may truly enjoy chatting with and others that you detest. Personalities differ and it is important to remember that one shouldn’t bash each other with words while in the chat room. Gossip can be an ugly thing that can cause discord in the chat room. This is considered poor taste and may even cause a person to be banned from a particular online bingo site.

Next, it is important to remember that although you may have a colorful vocabulary that rivals that of a sailor, not everyone wants to hear it! There are people from all walks of life that may be playing online bingo with you. Although some may not be offended at cursing, others may find it as a personal attack against their sensibilities. Although you must be 18 to play online bingo at most sites, it is a good idea to act as if you are speaking in front of children when you are typing on the chat room online bingo websites. This way you know that you are not offending anyone with the things you may be saying. Please remember to keep your language appropriate while playing online bingo.

The last “unspoken” rule of online bingo player etiquette is to not brag about your winnings. Remember when you were little and there was always that annoying person that seemed to think they were better than you? Well, hopefully you don’t want to emulate them. If you win that is wonderful and many people you have met in the chat room will be happy for you, but others may be filled with envy. The best rule of thumb is to be humble about your winnings.

Remember the golden rules of online etiquette; don’t gossip about others, watch your language, and don’t brag. If you follow these simple rules of online bingo player etiquette, you will hopefully have a wonderful experience playing and meet lots of new acquaintances online.



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