But the customer may need to speak to a supervisor

But the customer may need to speak to a supervisor

Customers who want to cancel HomeSmart or Service Plus need to  appliance repair center contact them directly not Xcel or CenterPoint. Customers are notified once a year of a contract, but the wording in the notice only hints at it. “Your coverage automatically renews on (date)” and “We look forward to providing you with another year of excellent service,” the Xcel HomeSmart notice said.

It is possible for customers to cancel their service due to a move if there has not been a claim in the past 12 months, but the customer may need to speak to a supervisor. “While the terms of service note that customers must pay for the remaining months of an annual agreement, we can generally work with customers to waive that amount if they haven’t had a service call in the last 12 months,” said Xcel Energy spokesman Randy Fordice.

Workaround: Ask when your plan renews, especially if you’re considering canceling or moving.

2. Waits of five days to two weeks for service are not uncommon if your furnace or air conditioning goes out during peak times. During the first heat wave or cold spell, many appliances don’t function properly and the supply of service technicians can’t keep up. That could mean more than a week without heat or cooling. Catherine Yang of Minneapolis was told it would be 10 days before a technician could make it to her house in July during a stretch of 90 degree days. She called an independent technician instead who offered same day service at a reasonable price.


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