Weight Lifting Gloves

Weight Lifting Gloves

There are many arguments for and against weight lifting gloves. The arguments usually revolve around: grip strength, lifting technique and callous formation.

Grip strength

Wearing gloves usually plays a huge role in improving the grip strength. When you wear the accessories you are able to easily grip the bar when your hands get sweaty and as a result you are able to continue training your muscles without worrying that your hands will slip.

Although, the gloves have been found to improve grip, some people have found them to provide a false sense of grip strength especially when performing certain tasks such as carrying boxes or doing yard work.

According to the arguments, if you are used to wearing gloves and you try lifting objects without the gloves, you are bound to feel that you are not as strong as you used to be.

Lifting technique

The accessories come with wrist straps that you can use to ensure that they hold your hands tightly  weight lifting gloves. When your hands are tightly held by the gloves, you are bound to increase efficiency of your lifting technique and as a result you easily avoid wrist pain. You are also able to easily lift the weights.

Although, the accessories provide this benefit, other people argue that the accessories tend to act as a barrier between the hand and the object and as a result you have problems with lifting objects.

Callous formation

Many people usually wear gloves to prevent callous formation. A number of research studies have shown that wearing gloves aids in flattening and smoothening callouses and as a result they don’t become enlarged and scratchy.

It’s good to note that gloves don’t completely prevent you from developing callouses especially when you are lifting very heavy weights. If you are using the accessories and you are still getting callouses you should try shaving them at least after every 1-2 weeks. You should also regularly moisturize your hands.

It’s good to note that gloves come in different colors and designs. In fact some people use them as a fashion statement where they match them with their jackets, boots, and hats.

When choosing a pair of gloves, you should not only go for one that looks good, but you should also go for one that fits right. To ensure that the accessory fits perfectly, you should always try it using your dominant hand. It should fit snuggly thus ensuring that you are able to move your hands and fingers comfortably.


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